We have prepared your house on the beach
with everything you'll need, and nothing more
with everything you could imagine, and nothing more!

Rancho is the place for you to truly feel in touch with nature, with accommodations with references to the simple architecture of the villas of the region, with all the comfort you can imagine! Our bungalows are large and open, so you’re able to feel the local winds!

There are 26 bungalows built on stilted decks, covered with carnauba straw and surrounded by coconut palms and dunes. All with king size beds, cotton sheets, mini fridge, wi-fi, and safety. In order to disconnect you from the world, we’ve left the cable TV in the lounge, where we also have foosball table and pool table. All accommodations have a coffee machine, so you can enjoy a cup any time you want!

Beach Bungalow

At 80 m² each, our beach bungalows overlook the beach and were inspired by local architecture, where wood is permeated by the wind, without the need for air conditioning.
It’s your house on the beach and can room up to 4 people.

Coqueiral Bungalow

At 80 m² each, our coqueiral bungalows are located inside a large coconut grove so you can hear the rustling of the leaves mixed with the sound of the birds.
They are cozy and reserved and can room up to 4 people.

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