Essential Experience

Our relationship with sustainability and the local community is visceral, part of our essence.

We are immersed in nature. Here, it is born and grows spontaneously, vigorously. We learn to live with and to respect the local fauna, which is welcome and part of the experience.

We architect our bungalows by prioritizing the natural circulation of the wind instead of choosing an air conditioning machine. We seek comfort with simplicity, charm and poetry. That’s why all the furniture and objects of the pousada are built with local, rustic and reused materials. We make nature the main attraction and that’s why we don’t have TV in the bungalows. We renounce the excessive consumption of energy to provoke the reconnection of our guests with the essence of the place. We chose not to have a power generator because of its environmental impact and we deny the landing of aircraft at the pousada, because those who fly through our sky are birds and kites. We recycle any and all waste.

You, who opt for this experience, become a strong link in this chain towards the future.

Community and Culture

When we founded our pousadas in these paradisiacal places of the Brazilian coast, we became a part of communities that have their own challenges and knowledge of the area. We take that into account with everything we do!

We prioritize the hiring and training of people from the local community who are part of our history and grow with us. Several of these stories are behind the beautiful things you see at Rancho: the design developed with local staff and artisans, dishes made by renowned chefs in partnership with the wisdom of local cooks and even the choice of materials for chairs and lamps, many of them are discovered by our team.

We invite artists from the region to perform at the inn so that our guests can feel the taste of the land even more. And we never stop! We love Ceará and its people.


We only have 14% of built area.
The rest remains virgin and untouched.

The ranch covers an area of 67.000 m² and only 14% of this area is built. Our architecture prioritizes local materials, reducing the impact on the environment. We take advantage of the wind, so we do not need air conditioning and we use the natural luminosity, reducing the energy expenditure. At Rancho, you will always be in touch with nature.

We work together with the association Coopbravo in the processes of recycling, preservation and cleaning of beaches, as they are our greatest asset!

We also grow an organic vegetable garden that uses the compost generated in the inn itself and meets the needs of our restaurants, bringing even more intense flavors to our dishes.