<span class ="tr_" id="tr_0" data-token="UmFuY2hvIERvIFBlaXhlIC0gTG9jYWxpemFkbyBuYSBQcmFpYSBkbyBQcmXDoSwgYSAxMiBrbSBkZSAgIEplcmljb2Fjb2FyYSwgbyBSYW5jaG8gZG8gUGVpeGUgw6kgbyByZWbDumdpbyBpZGVhbCBwYXJhIHF1ZW0gYnVzY2EgICBpbnNwaXJhw6fDo28u" data-source="">Rancho Do Peixe - Localizado na Praia do Preá, a 12 km de Jericoacoara, o Rancho do Peixe é o refúgio ideal para quem busca inspiração.</span>

Take a deep breath. Here you will feel at home.

Wind & kitesurfing

Expeditions, constant wind and different sea conditions. No matter what your sport you choose, there is plenty of action here.

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Preá & Surroundings

Preá Beach, a fishing village near Jericoacoara, is an exclusive retreat where you can have tranquility and intimate contact with nature.

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Check all the reviews about Rancho do Peixe: from the tips of those who visited it to the suggestions of those who already know it very well.

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